Solved: Miro won’t start – missing video directory

31 March 2008 | Howto | Tags: , , , , , ,

A couple of days ago a brand new version of Miro the open video podcatcher was released. I was eager to try it out. It is supposed to be faster than the previous release. I had to wait a few days for a rpm for my linux distribution to be released. Thanks to the great work of the PackMan crew this happended pretty soon after the release. Bummer! Miro won’t start. It seems I cleaned up to good after uninstalling the previous release. Miro complained that the video directory is missing. I checked the Miro Forums but could not find anything related to Linux. There were some tips for Mac OS X but nothing for linux. I checked the source, followed strace, used Google Linux but nothing turned up. I thought the fix would be as easy as finding what directory Miro is looking for. Finding the directory was not easy. I was close to giving up before I tried the unittest switch for Miro.

miro  --unittest

What shall I say? That did the trick! The unittest failed but it created the missing directory (structure):

~/Movies/Democracy/Incomplete Downloads/

Now Miro starts. It still looks like it is not running properly but it is a start.

PS: I use OpenSuSE 10.3 and KDE3.

2 Responses to “Solved: Miro won’t start – missing video directory”

  • 1 Julio Says:

    what worked for me when i was faceing that “video directory missing” error was:
    delete a file called “sqlitedb” it is in the miro directory.

  • 2 Fabio Says:

    You should be very careful with deleting anything called “sqlitedb” as this is a data storage (Miro’s brain). In Miro’s case this most definitely holds all your subscriptions!

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