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Power off problem on Lenovo SL500 with OpenSuSE 12.1

A couple of days ago I installed OpenSuSE 12.1 on my laptop after running OpenSuSE 11.4 for quite a while. Upgradeing was no big deal. OpenSuSE has a nice tutorial on that. The new version finally supports the integrated mobile modem out of the box which is very nice. The only annoyance I got is […]

Useful shell commands: last

Today I will start a new series for linux/*nix newbies called Useful shell commands. Every now and then I will write about one of the powerful commands you’ll find on your shell. I will start the series with a command called last. # last Calling last on your commandline gives you a list of logins. […]

High available NFS4 server with drbd 0.8, pacemaker 1.0, heartbeat, openais on OpenSUSE 11.1

For my podcast project I got five new root servers which are all connected internally through a switch. Two of the servers are connected directly over a crossover cable. Those two servers have 3 NICs, the other 2 servers have 2 NICs. I share the website’s HTML, images and other resources through the NFS server […]

How to find out user id on linux system

For a mount command I needed to find out what user id my user account had. There are several ways to find out. As root you could look into the passwd file (most likely /etc/passwd) or on OpenSuSE use the Yast user module. But I was looking for a way to find out my user […]

ejabberd on GNU/Linux OpenSuSE 11.0

I heard about the successful usage of ejabberd from weblin‘s CTO Heiner yesterday at lunch during BarCamp Hamburg 08. I was thinking of deploying jabber services for for a while now but couldn’t decide which server to take. I checked the ejabberd website. The software looks promising. So I give it a try. smart […]

Free e-book shellprogramming

I had to write a shell program. And I was looking for a how-to / manual covering my favorites shell command set. I found a nice e-book on Wikibooks: Linux-Kompendium: Shellprogrammierung which helped me a lot. Hence the link for other people. Google+

OpenOffice 2.3 not working on 64-bit cpu

I upgraded my OpenOffice installation to version for a 64-bit intel cpu. After upgrading the packages the software would reliably hang on saving a document and generating a pdf. I downgraded back to the monolithic i586 version. Everything works just fine and as expected. Google+

Open Source alternative for Camtasia under Linux

I have been thinking of creating my own screencasts for a while. Today I stumbled upon a screenshot of Camtasia studio which looked very promising. Unfortunately they do not offer a linux version. So I googled around for an open source alternative. The one thing I found is the Xvidcap project. Drawback with the software […]